Where is the cheapest house in Australia?

The cheapest house in Sydney is here at That Gingerbread Place!

Delicious, unique, customised and starting from $55.00  – what more can one want!

International School of Management branded Christmas Houses

ICSM branded Christmas Gifts

We are the leading manufacturer of edible houses. Our houses can be baked in gingerbread, chocolate bread and vanilla bread and are sure to be please.

Baked and decorated by our team they are a gift which will delight the young and old at heart.  Many of our clients are corporate based who are looking for something different for Christmas gifts or for marketing events.

Do you have an event coming up which we can help design an edible  merchandising gift which is effective and memorable?

Money Cookie Bouquet

Money Cookie Bouquet

Whether the gift has a USB and media release built within the gift, has an event invite printed on a cookie, customised cookie bouquet or a replica of a building (such as David Jones) we can help.

We are specialists in creating edible treats for marketing events, if we can’t create it no-one else can.  Call us on 02 8850 1340