Book a promotional gingerbread house today!

Promotional gingerbread houses come in all sorts of designs. Looking for a new promotional idea for your company during the year or at Christmas?

We have the perfect option!

Customised gingerbread houses and gifts are our speciality, many of which incorporate a business logo or personalised message.

The houses can be assembled with marketing literature or a USB  built into the houses as a surprise for the recipient.

This style of marketing is perfect for Christmas gifts or for any event and will definitely be enjoyed and  remembered. Companies we have worked with are.

Any design which is majorly different from our standard house design will incur a development charge.

For example a tall building, replica of a landmark such as the Opera House or a product launch like a Sony playstation would incur a design fee as it’s not a standard design and takes many hours to create templates for baking.

To see more of our spectacular gingerbread house click here!