DIY Extras

Bits and pieces for assembling gingerbread houses or decorating cookies 

DIY extras are always needed for  large fundraising nights.

Cookies or Cookie Pops –  As a guide, 1 bag should decorate 20 cookies. As most cookie decorators have piping bags we do not include in the kit so piping bags maybe required.

Gingerbread House Kits – Our kits come with 1 piping bag and 1 bag of icing.  The icing is generous, so we suggest if your only assembling 1 house, 1 icing bag will be enough as there will be some left over. However, if 2 people are assembling, maybe an extra piping bag could be needed.

Need extra decorator’s piping bags or quick drying sugar icing for assembling gingerbread houses purchase here.