Corporate Logo Cookies – Singapore Airlines

Corporate logo cookies are so popular!

Logo cookies Singapore Airlines

Corporate logo cookies – Singapore Airlines


Our team at That Gingerbread Place had the opportunity to create some special corporate logo cookies to celebrate national Singapore day! Customers that flew with Singapore Airlines received these cookies to celebrate the event.

Logo cookies are a cheap yet innovative way to promote your business. To your benefit, our cookies are fully customisable to suit any event!



Why should you use logo cookies as a marketing medium?

  • It’s easy to captivate your audience – 100% of people will see the message as they also get to enjoy eating it too!
  • You can increase your brand awareness and message impact
  • It’s more memorable than a brochure because it’s unusual – this is usually achieved through the right design and message
  • It’s a competitive measure against traditional advertising
  • The design options are endless
  • It’s extremely different and innovative!

We have 3 delicious flavours that you can choose from, these include; gingerbread, chocolate bread and vanilla bread. Cookies are individually bagged and are either tied with ribbon or heat-sealed.

Our team at That Gingerbread Place take a lot of pride in all of our products. All cookies are baked, hand-decorated and packaged at our Castle Hill store. We are Australia’s top manufacturer of customised personal cookies.

Once you have placed your order, there is a 3 business day turn around. This ensures sufficient time for baking and decorating before your cookies leave our store via courier. We can deliver all over Australia.

So why not replace those old, re-used promotional flyers with some delicious cookies! Simply call our store on 8850 1340 or just visit our website to book your corporate logo cookies today.

Don’t forget, we are more than just Christmas x