Edible Branding: Logo Cookies as a Marketing Tool


Logo and photo cookies customised for your event

Edible Branding: Logo cookies as a marketing tool  can play a crucial role in elevating company events by adding a personalised touch that boosts brand visability and creates memorable experiences for attendees. The versatile nature of logo cookies allows companies to customise them with their brand insignia, making them perfect for corporate events, promotional activities, and employee engagement initiatives.

By offering logo cookies in various flavors such as gingerbread, chocolate, and vanilla, companies can cater to different preferences and create a delightful experience for guests.

Brands like McDonald’s (30th cafe event), NRMA, IBM etc have successfully utilised our logo cookies to enhance their events and leave a lasting impression on attendees. These sweet treats not only serve as a delicious snack but also act as an effective marketing tool that promotes brand recognition.


International Women’s Day cookies

Incorporating logo cookies into cause-related events such as R U OK Day, etc can also help raise awareness and foster community engagement. As blue brands continue to prioritise unique branding strategies, integrating logo cookies into their event planning can set them apart from the competition and create a strong visual impact that resonates with participants.

Customised cookies add a touch of personalisation and uniqueness to any event, making it stand out from the crowd. With each cookie heat sealed for freshness and labeled with ingredients, they offer not only a delicious snack but also peace of mind for those with dietary restrictions.

What sets logo cookies apart is their versatility in enhancing both corporate and social gatherings. From business meetings to holiday parties, these edible symbols can reinforce brand identity while creating a sense of connection between guests. And the convenience of

R-U-OK- Cookies

RU OK Cookies a great starting point to discuss mental health

ordering online and having them sent nationally makes incorporating logo cookies into company events easier than ever before. By choosing these sweet treats, hosting an unforgettable event becomes as simple as placing an order and awaiting delivery.

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