Gingerbread men decorating activity for kids


Gingerbread men decorating activity for kids is a fun way to keep them entertained and best of all they can eat their delicious creation afterward.

Our new kits for children have a huge gingerbread men and tree in the kit to keep them busy decorating.

The icing is in powdered form (so it doesn’t need to be refrigerated)  but is super easy to make for the children to make .  Add the water and let them stir  and blend away.


Gingerbread man

Fill the piping bag with the special  quick drying icing and decorate the gingerbread men or the tree,  Once decorated watch them enjoy their delicious creations. Will it be the head, arm or leg which is eaten first or will it be tree which eaten first.

Delicious gingerbread no added preservatives, dairy free taste the difference!

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