Halloween the best time to trick or treat!

It’s officially October! But what makes October so special?

Well, this month is earmarked on my calender as one of “those” fun months as it’s just the start of all the festive seasons. It means it’s time to start thinking about what spooky Halloween costume you will be wearing.

Halloween the best time to trick or treat!

Halloween the best time to trick or treat!

You also have to think about what delicious candy you will have for all your trick or treaters. Here at That Gingerbread Place, we are already starting to prepare for the festive activity enjoyed by many. Why not give something a little different by ordering our Halloween themed gingerbread cookies.

You can have them wrapped individually on sticks or without sticks or have a customised bouquet wrapped for a table centre. Our cookies come in all different shapes – ghosts, bats pumpkins, skeletons etc.

Add a personalised touch by adding your name or give them friends in your lolly bags! But if that’s something that doesn’t tickle your fancy why not go above and beyond to create a Halloween gingerbread themed house. You’ll be the best neighbour on the street!

Last year we created a child sized gingerbread house that our little kiddie could walk through! Check out our blog where we featured on the reality TV show “The Living Room”. Not only is October the month to celebrate Halloween, it’s the time of month everyone starts to get crazy busy with Christmas shopping. Pre order your gingerbread houses early to receive a special discounted price. We deliver all over Australia.

Check out our website for more T&C’s. As for now, I’m off to create some more Halloween designs and think about my costume. I reckon this month is going to fly by, just like my broomstick!