Logo Cookies are cheap to promote your business or company

Logo cookies are a cheap,innovative way to promote your business – the only way to promote your message or brand

Round logo cookies heat sealed

Round logo cookies heat sealed

Save on the expense of printing unnecessary printed flyers which will be thrown in the bin or lost and use different advertising medium such as a cookie to get your message across. Logo cookies are a cheap, innovative promotional item for any event.  The cookie gift is a fabulous idea for trade shows where a special gifts entices customers to visit your stall and helps start conversations, which lead to higher sales.

We have created  many variations of cookies, such as marketing plans,  event invites,  competition related cookies, even printed barcodes and QR Codes. The ideas are limitless. Prices range from $2.50 to $10.  Prices depend on how large the cookie needs to be for the level of information needed on the cookie.

We are Australia’s No 1 manufacturer of logo and photo cookies and dispatch nationally.

Our cookies come in three delicious flavours, chocolate, vanilla and the ever popular GINGERBREAD flavour! Gingerbread is by far the most popular flavour which customers choose as its delicious.

We work creatively with companies to ensure their message receives maximum responses. Contact us, brief us on the event, send us your image or logo and let our creative design team design a concept for you

Do you have any event coming up?  –  Call us  now on 8850 1340  to discuss how we can assist.

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