New $3 cookie pops

It’s time to announce our new $3 cookie pops!!!

Are you looking for an affordable yet unique way to substitute lolly bags as party gifts? Or are you just wanting something delicious that fussy children will love? Our team at That Gingerbread Place has the perfect solution for you.

As a matter of fact, we are excited to announce our new $3 cookie pops. These round gingerbread cookies are the ultimate addition or gift to all children’s occasions!

Hello Kitty cookie pops

Hello Kitty

By the same token, our new cookie design is available in a variety of styles. They have been decorated with 3D sugar images, the options include; Hello Kitty, Cars, Under the sea, Zoo animals and Princesses.

Luckily enough, you have the opportunity to purchase our new range in a variety of ways! First of all, you could create a customised cookie bouquet to suit your special occasion. Secondly, if you’re looking for something a little more simple you can also order this range in packed boxes of 20 cookies. Regardless of the choice, you are able to purchase one specific style or even combine a variety of styles to suit any occasion!


Not to mention, our cookie pops are an innovative addition to children’s special occasions. In any event, these are the perfect yet unique choice for thank you gifts as an alternative for standard lolly bags or they could be a feature at the dessert table. Not looking for a special occasion? That’s perfectly fine, our cookie pops are the best choice for a special snack for afternoon tea. We can easily guarantee that no matter what the occasion is, children will absolutely love this range.

After all, why not visit our website to discover this new and exciting range! Or you could just call our store on 8850 1340 to book in your next order.

Don’t forget, we are more than just Christmas x