New Crowded House Rules Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Houses for Crowded House web

New House Rules customised gingerbread

We specialise in custom designed food products for marketing and special events.

Our team created these cute houses for the launch of the 2016 Crowded House Rules TV series on Channel 7.

The client brief was to create something fun which didn’t look like your typical Christmas gingerbread houses.  So…   we created Mum and Dad gingerbread men, decorated and dressed them and placed these on the front of the houses.  On the back we created 2 small gingerbread children to complete the gingerbread crowd/family!

Next was branding the product with an edible sugar disc,  attaching bright coloured sweets and  wrapping the houses with a big red bow and tags to deliver to Channel 7 studios in Sydney.

We do customise and personalise our gingerbread products and send Australia wide. Call us now on 02 8850 1340 to discuss how we can help your business get their sweet messages across.