What special Valentines gift can you buy this year?

Valentine’s Day a day of romance

We dedicate one day out of an entire year just to show our partner how much they mean to us. Surely we could afford to take a little extra time to express our feelings toward our dearly beloved on valentines day, another dozen roses maybe? Too predictable.

So, the question is raised, ‘How can you get an amazing gift for Valentines Day?’

Love Birds Cookie Bouquet

Love Birds Cookie Bouquet

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the best gift. Teddy bears and roses seem to be the standard… or jewellery if you’re lucky! A growing trend shows that many people are beginning to stray from the regular Valentine’s Day gifts. Candy, Chocolate and other treats are proving to be the ‘fashionable’ trend to show our love for that someone special.* We have the perfect gift which is customisable and different and made with our delicious cookies. Cookies or cookie bouquets!

Red Romance Cookie bouquet

Red Romance Valentines Day Cookie bouquet

Our cookie decorators have been busy at work designing some new designs for this year. Our Love Bird cookie bouquet is one of the new range and will be a best seller this Valentines Day.

Regardless of the gifts, Valentine’s Day is a reminder of the simple acts of kindness that really go a long way. Allowing us to put our tasks aside, and temporarily bury our conflicts. Valentines Day attracts the Romantic inside us up to the surface for the evening… and maybe linger till the morning.

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