Super Cute Gingerbread Cookies

Super Cute Cookies

Adorable handmade elephant cookies that will make you smile.

A couple of days ago, a friend approached me about making some elephant cookies for a baby shower; we spoke about the design and look she wanted to go for and asked for some super cute, adorable looking elephants. At that moment, our team at That Gingerbread Place knew just the design we wanted to create.  At with a few moments of debriefing, we created these super sweet, adorably cute elephants.

Using only the freshest ingredients in our gingerbread, our talented and hard working baker Ross Derley and Cookie Expert Designers did just that! Featuring a Mumma & Baby inspired cookie, a miniature replica makes us all go ‘aw’. We believe these haIMG_1978ve to be the most perfect and cute gift for anyone, young or old.

You can use these at a baby shower, Kid’s Birthday Party or incorporate them into your exquisite cake for a special touch to the look of your cake and design.

Using Royal Fondant Icing, we hoped to create something that will stand out from the crowd with these beautifully bright colours featuring fondant shaped hearts as ears, we were in LOVE. Did you know we can create these in gluten free gingerbread aswell? Yep, thats right, our baker has come up with his own GLUTEN FREE gingerbread recipe that tastes just as good as the original, you can’t even tell the difference!

Make surIMG_1984e you pre order these cookies by calling us on (02) 8850 1340 or visit our website and place your order online. Check out all our other designs such as our pretty hand painted watercolour butterflies that feature on our Facebook page. which also look just as amazing, along with many other designs that we have created. We are now stocking this look in store but for a limited time only. You can pre order these by calling us to secure your spot. We can create any design in watercolour with any colours according to your preference. Its as easy and 1,2,3 !