Swiftie Cookie Box

Swiftie Cookie Box
Swiftie Cookie Box

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Swiftie Cookie Box

Not only does our Swiftie Cookie Box offer delectable treats, but it also serves as a thoughtful gift for fellow Taylor Swift enthusiasts who were unable to attend the Eras Tour. Spread the love and bring smiles to their faces!

This limited edition cookie box is a must-have for die-hard Taylor Swift fans.

Four delicious vanilla cookies presented in a gift box with the designs complimenting Taylor’s Eras Tour in Australian can be enjoyed  whilst watching the Era’s Tour on Disney or at the show. 



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Product Description

As Taylor Swift gears up for The Eras Tour, her fans are eagerly preparing to make the concert experience even sweeter with a special treat – vanilla cookies. These delectable delights not only offer a burst of flavor but also serve as a perfect accompaniment to the excitement of the event. With 11 carefully crafted vanilla cookies available for purchase, fans can indulge in these delightful treats whether they’re at the concert or hosting a pre-event party.

The  cookies will create an unforgettable sensory experience that perfectly complements the anticipation and energy surrounding The Eras Tour. As fans unite to celebrate Taylor Swift’s musical journey through various eras, these cookies serve as a symbol of shared joy and camaraderie among fellow enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed solo while listening to Taylor’s timeless hits or shared with friends at a lively pre-concert gathering, these vanilla cookies are set to elevate the overall fan experience during this epic tour.

Incorporating flavors and experiences that epitomize each era of Taylor Swift’s career, these vanilla cookies offer more than just deliciousness – they encapsulate the essence of her music and legacy. A unique addition to any fan’s concert preparations, these tantalizing treats promise an indulgent delight that underscores the magic of live performances by one of music’s most iconic figures – capturing both nostalgia and anticipation within every delectable bite.


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